Safety Protocol Review

My deepest sympathy and prayers go out to the families of everyone involved in the tragedy in Connecticut last week.  

All of us have a duty to protect what is most important to us and this includes our families, our homes, AND our businesses and the staff who work for us.  This being said, I urge you to take a moment and review your safety protocols (if you don’t have any, maybe you should) to make sure you are addressing such things as un-welcomed intruders, violence between staff members, weather disasters, and even death.  

I have experienced all of these in the various different roles I have held in business.  From fights (physical and mental abuse) between staff members or staff and their family members, to break ins, theft, tornadoes, fire, and even the unfortunate sadness of a staff member passing away due to unforeseen heart condition in her thirties.  

It is a difficult task, writing a safety protocol, but one that MUST be done.  I suggest you take this necessary time to not only prepare one for your business, but also for your home.  But, writing a plan is not good enough.  Practice, practice, practice.  

I have the pleasure of saying I have worked with some real heroes and believe me when I say, these heroes walk among us everyday.  

Till next time……


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