Technology and the Teenager

I’m going to be 40 years old in February 2013.  I used to think of this age as “old”, but here I am….about to be “old”, at least in the minds of my teenage boys.  If you want a quick, hard, cold dose of reality check and inadequacies of your age, put it to the “Technology and the Teenager” test I have developed.  It’s real easy to do.  Simply buy a new piece of today’s latest technology and time yourself in any of the capacities of the new tech and then time any teenager performing the same task.  I’ll be you a dollar to donuts, the teen wins! (unless you are a teenager yourself)

So why fight it?!  I have concluded, over the course of the past few years and a handful of new devices, that I actually revel in the fact that I can foot the bill for the new tech, hand it off to my teen “techie” and let them set it all up for me.  My teens love the fact that I have to ask them how to do something with the technology and I love the fact that as they are “teaching” me, they are actually “working” for me to get my tasks completed and it seems we both win!

Funny story.  When my youngest son, about to be a teen, was ten years old, he saw a picture of a typewriter in a collectibles magazine I had laying around.  He looked perplexed.  I noticed this and asked him what he was thinking.  His question blew me away.  “Dad, where is the screen for this computer?”

We have allot to learn from these “techies”.  One thing is for sure.  I will never underestimate their power, but I must continue to figure out how to harness it!

Till next time…..


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