Pressure Cooker

As I often do, I write about things I see or experience as a way of not only sharing with you the reader, but also to heighten your awareness of things going on around you.  If we pay more attention to things around us and behaviors of others we encounter on a daily basis, we can use these experiences to build our skills, our talents, and definitely our character.

90 degrees.  That’s how hot it was today when I left my office for lunch.  I parked in the lot of my favorite eatery and as I walked in, I saw a group of people staring at a full size pick up truck with a camper shell on the bed.  Then I heard it.  Bark, bark, bark.  Yep, some fool left his dog in the truck while he went inside.

I quickly checked with everyone in the crowd and someone (actually a few) had already alerted the police and they were on their way.  So, I became one of the observers as the police arrived and the man walked out of the store, seemingly amazed about all the ruckus around his vehicle.  What amazed me the most was that no one in the group was willing to leave until that dog was safe.  You go pet lovers!

Here’s some interesting information about the dangers of heat in vehicles you may want to pass along to those you have the pleasure of dealing with each day.  Click here.

Let’s GO Fido!

Our pets are our family.  We rely on them for comfort during challenging times, laughter during playful times, and companionship during lonely or family bonding times.  One thing is for sure, we are beginning to take our pets everywhere with us, whether it is to run a quick errand or even take a long vacation.  More and more restaurants are allowing pets in the outdoor dining areas and some even offer pet friendly cuisine prepared by the chef!  Airlines are easing up on regulations about pets in the cabin, hotels are adopting a pet friendly policy, and local pet service providers are stepping up to take full advantage of visiting pets in the area hotels.

Here is an interesting statistic provide to us by the APPA National Pet Owners Survey 2011-2012.  “Overall, dogs go with their owners an average of 2.2 times per week when running their errands.”  In another recent survey, it was reported that 42% of pet owners travel with their pet at least annually and an overwhelming 90% of the participants reported they would change their plans to better accommodate for their pets!  Incredible!

So, what does this mean for our pet business owners out there?  It means we all need to figure out creative ways to cater to this growing trend of pet and pet parent travel.  Maybe we need to look at being pet parent travel agents, working with our local hotels for out of town guests…offering pick up and delivery or discounted day care programs for visiting “out of towner” pets, or maybe even selling travel packs complete with items that make the pet’s travel and the pet parents preparation for travel easier for both.

Till next time….