Nodding Off…

At first glance, you may think that I am speaking of that very brief moment just before you fall asleep.  I can see why you think that, as most of the time that is what we envision when we think of our head nodding.  However, from this point forward, I challenge you to see head nodding in a whole new light.

You see, human beings are funny creatures.  One of the interesting traits about humans is that we love to be part of a community, even if the community is only comprised of two people.  We like to belong.  Even loners….you like to belong too, you may just not admit it.  With this said, humans have a superpower we don’t even realize we have.  We have a superpower over the community that surrounds us, even if it is only one other human.  It is the superpower called…the Head Nod!

This is a superpower everyone has, but most don’t know to use it to your advantage.  The results of using this superpower are mind blowing!  It can change moods, it can garner support, it can give confidence, it can get sales, it can make you money!

“How do I use this superpower?”, you ask.  Well, like most of the tips I recommend, this one is just as simple.  The next time you find yourself talking to someone (hopefully for most of us this is ALL the time!), simply make a point of shaking (nodding) your head and making eye contact.  I would bet you see the person or persons standing in front of you begin to emulate you and like magic, they will begin to shake their heads as well!  Yep, amazing!!!

Why is this a superpower?  Because subconsciously they are agreeing with what you are saying and if you are saying things like, “buy my product or buy my service”, if they are agreeing with you they are more likely to have already made a subconscious decision to BUY!  You have taken over their minds and convinced them what you are saying has their confidence and this unspoken power of suggestion has just gotten you past the doubt, past the questions, past the apprehension, and closer to the YES!  Their head is already saying “YES”, so the mouth is usually soon to follow!

So go out there and start “nodding off” and see just how powerful you can be!  

Actually, I would LOVE to hear some of your own stories of how this has worked for you in the past, OR after you have tried this technique for a few days after reading this post, how well it has worked for you!  My community of Blog followers would love to hear it as well!  Leave your comments below…

Till Next time…

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